All patterns come with detailed instructions
All patterns come with detailed instructions
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Cardboard House.

Click here for House PDF pattern.

To create a Carboard House you'll need:
1) Cardboard - Thin sturdy carboard is best (such as shoeboxes)
2) Paper for exterior of the house and interior (can be wrapping paper)
3) Glue Stick (or double-sided tape)
4) Tape
5) Scissors
6) Craft knife
7) Pen or Pencil 
8) Ruler
9) Decorations such as moss, bows, garlands, flowers, stickers, paint, glitter... Probably will need a glue gun.
PS. The instructions below are just an example, you may just glue wrapping paper on both sides of cardboard you will be using and then cut out panels, this will shorten the time in making the house, but the tape used to connect panels will be visible.

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